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"... I have complete trust in Jane Sachedina, her knowledge and affordable fees make her, not only indispensible but also priceless!"

Tony Brunskill

Corporate Safety Solutions Ltd



“The service was great. Fast, focussed and result orientated which is what I like!”

Nick Neill, Ewemove (York East) Limited

“Supporting my business with shareholder agreements, business acquisition, license agreements and intellectual property rights, I work with Jane across a broad range of legal issues and have the utmost faith in her judgement and commitment to my best interests. Completely transparent, ethical and pragmatic, Jane is a steely negotiator and, without question, a real asset to my business development.”

Ian Preston, Managing Director, Preston Baker Letting & Estate Agents

““We were put in touch with Jane by our accountant when we needed legal support to protect our interests on a commercial deal. Highly competent and easy to work with, Jane ensured that the deal didn’t get bogged down and things moved on quickly. Very satisfied with the outcome, I am more than happy to recommend Jane.””

David Brown, Escrick Environmental Services Limited

““Highly professional, easy to talk to and always on the ball, Jane’s innovative legal advice, patience and support played a key role in our negotiating a difficult situation. Referring us to other trusted professionals as matters progressed, reassuring us and never too busy to chat through our concerns, no matter how small, Jane is as unfazeable as she is invaluable.” Alan Mellor ”

Alan Mellor, Somerset Distribution UK Limited

““Newcomers to selling a business we were recommended to Jane through a business associate. We had met with other commercial lawyers previously but immediately warmed to Jane’s approachable, open and no nonsense style. Completely satisfied that Jane had our best interests at heart and working our way through some complex issues, Jane’s sound advice, timely communication and supportive presence were invaluable. No push over either when it came to the final stages of negotiation, confident and knowledgeable throughout, Jane was our trump card.””

Stan Singleton, Asif Ahmed and Ron Curwen

“"More used to buying and selling commercial property and, a little rusty on the sale of businesses, Jane was recommended to me through my accountant as a good commercial lawyer. Totally on the ball, Jane is indeed highly competent and thorough. Very approachable with a style fostering mutual trust and respect, a top business lawyer, I'm very happy to recommend Jane's services. ”

David Kaye, Kaye Estates

“We were recommended to Jane when we were looking to buy a franchise. Following our accountant's and Jane's shrewd 'big picture' assessment and excellent advice we didn't go ahead with the deal but subsequently bought a different business on which Jane acted for us. Always keeping to strict deadlines, very professional, yet unfailingly caring, putting us not her fees first, we can't recommend Jane's services highly enough. ”

Pete Morton, Commercial Director, Countrywide East Yorkshire Limited

“"A prolonged and tricky share transfer agreement might have left me tearing my hair out were it not for Jane. With seemingly unlimited patience Jane's unswerving support, sound advice and ability to foresee potential issues meant a highly successful outcome. I have complete trust in Jane, her knowledge and affordable fees make her, not only indispensible but also priceless!" ”

Tony Brunskill, Director, Corporate Safety Solutions Ltd

“"Jane has always been a great support to us at the Healing Clinic, helping us with our contracts and the set up of our Community Interest Company. Easy to talk to, Jane's like a breath of fresh air offering bags of great advice and clarity of vision. Fixed fees mean no hidden extras and you'll always be assured of a caring, personal service - I have no hesitation in recommending her." ”

June Tranmer, The Healing Clinic

“Recommended by our corporate solicitors for a company acquisition we found Jane's service absolutely excellent. Offering top quality big company service with the simplicity and sincerity of a small company attitude we will now be using Jane for all forthcoming acquisitions.”

Steven Garside, Sun Healthcare Ltd

“Recommended to me by Guest Walker & Co for the sale of shares in my property company, my thoughts about Jane are simply that she was altogether excellent. Having set up and grown the company it was a highly emotional time for me, yet Jane's professional, calm and steadying approach kept me focussed throughout a difficult transaction and ensured the best possible personal outcome. I would recommend her to anyone and that's rare coming from a chartered surveyor!”

Derek Scott

“Recommended by a professional associate, Jane worked on my behalf to sell my wholesale fruit and veg business. Working on a capped fee basis, Jane’s no-nonsense, direct, yet friendly style suited me very well. I always knew what was going on, any and all communications were relayed to me promptly and tricky issues sorted with little fuss but plenty of experience. I always felt Jane had my best interests at heart and nothing escaped her watchful eye.”

Richard Sykes, York Box Ltd

“Complimenting our in-house team, Jane’s specialist knowledge ensures we can offer our clients a great service for company sales and acquisitions. Completely confident in her methods and abilities, Jane is efficient, fair and responsive. Always keeping our clients’ best interests at heart, we know Jane will be on top of each and every case - a fantastic, safe pair of hands.”

Simon Cowell, Solicitor, Harland & Co

“Jane’s direct, no nonsense, highly cost effective and open approach make her a breath of fresh air and indispensible to my clients. Making herself available when needed, honest and sincere, Jane is willing to get off the fence and not just give advice but be proactive in helping clients sort through their issues to find the very best solution for them. If you need someone on your side, it’s got to be Jane – no question.”

Helen Burrows, Solicitor, Guest Walker & Co

“Jane’s ability to ‘think outside the box’ and offer creative, yet workable solutions is the key to our professional relationship. A professional tax advisor, I’ve known Jane for many years and refer my clients to her on all aspects of business law issues. Quite frankly, it’s easy to recommend Jane’s services; she knows her stuff inside out, has a great attitude and finds solutions that few others will spot. With Jane, ‘a spade is a spade’, but there’s more than one way to dig a hole – we like that and so do our clients.”

Chelle Thirsk, CGA

“A specialist intellectual property solicitor, Jane approached me to assist with a range of client issues to ensure she offered her clients the best possible service. Throughout our professional relationship we’ve grown in trust and I refer many of my clients with commercial issues to her. Honesty, current knowledge, an indefatigable will and a friendly face speaking their language, are all attributes that I and my clients look for… With Jane there’s just no competition.”

Kate Reid, Pemberton Reid

“Jane Sachedina and I met some years ago through an association set up to help local businesses. Finding her straightforward approach refreshing, I have referred many of my clients to Jane, all with varying needs from two directors in dispute, to the buying and selling of companies at local and national level. Jane’s undoubted value for me and my clients is her unwavering integrity, keen eye for detail and professional approach, plus her ease of manner and approachability - both completely invaluable in tricky or highly sensitive negotiations. On more than one occasion, after concluding negotiations for my client on a deal, the other party contacted her to act on their behalf next time!”

Kevin Gamble, TMC Accountancy Ltd.

“Recommended by a friend I approached Jane to assist with a large share sale. Previously having dealt with this type of transaction, but not as this level, I was very impressed by Jane’s professional yet highly supportive approach. Not only was her rock solid legal advice invaluable but also her genuine ability to care about me and my situation. You’ll always know where you stand; you’ll always know what’s expected of you and you’ll always have a great lawyer in your corner... Jane was an absolute pleasure to work with and I’m delighted to spread the word.”

Simon Crossland

“Working with Jane across a number of company law issues and in conjunction with other professional colleagues, I have used Jane’s services over several years. Very professional, a great listener, easy to talk to and a pleasure to work with, Jane’s highly knowledgeable, supportive approach coupled with her thoroughness and attention to detail is invaluable.”

Nuala Donnellan, Supasocket - Topform Technologies UK Ltd & Structural Science Composites Ltd.

“Recommended to us via Harland & Co for the sale of some of our businesses, Jane gave us utter confidence in what we were undertaking. After explaining all the ‘warts and all’ issues we would face and throughout what was a long and complex process, Jane never wavered in guarding our best interests. She did her homework, her grasp of the figures as accurate as that of the legal issues and gave no quarter to some attempted last minute horse trading by our buyers. Steely and charming - a great lawyer and a lovely lady.”

Michael Kelly

“Selling our business would have been hard enough but when it involved the death of a family member it became a personal nightmare. Recommended by our family solicitors, Guest Walker & Co, Jane became our rock when the world appeared to be falling apart. Very professional, straight forward and immensely calm, when the dream goes sour you need expert advice, unwavering support and a hand to hold. Jane was all that and more - I couldn’t have survived it without her.”

Nicola Farthing

“Recommended by Harland & Co as a business law specialist, Jane was brought in to assist with turning our four-way partnership into a limited company. Prompt, precise and very responsive, Jane ensured all the i’s were dotted and t’s crossed for a smooth transfer. Jane is highly competent, approachable with a wide knowledge and great experience, and I’m very happy to recommend her services.”

John Ives, PPIY Ltd

“I, like many CEOs, know all about my business and how to run it, but I also know from painful experience what it means to be given poor legal advice and just how expensive that can be. Having subsequently been recommended to Jane, to be honest today I wouldn’t go anywhere else for business law expertise and I don’t even ask Jane her fees. Not through any bravado or unlimited budget on my part, far from it, but simply because through working with Jane I know I can completely trust her attention to detail, knowledge and unquestionable integrity. In any field of business, and in my experience, that’s worth its weight in gold.”

Charles Chisholm, Executive Officer, Future Cleaning Services Ltd

“I have used Jane’s professional services for some three or four years, ranging from partnership agreements to business purchase, copyright and license agreements, and with her approachable style and great personal service it certainly feels like she’s been my legal touchstone for far longer. Her pragmatic approach to the reality of life for small businesses is really refreshing and this practical interpretation of legal issues means that I trust her implicitly to size up a situation and offer me the best options and potential solutions to ensure the best outcome for me and my business.”

Christine Gilkes, Glue Together

“The key benefit in using Jane’s services for me is her dedication and commitment to help me make better decisions for my business. Armed with all the detail, covering every angle and translating the technical terminology to offer greater clarity, Jane always seeks to creatively explore all the avenues before offering guidance on choices and solutions. Jane also has a superb network of highly experienced professionals with whom she consults and refers clients to. This is something I’ve had cause to thoroughly appreciate when an investment I was considering turned out to be a real ‘rotten apple’ - I had thankfully, on Jane’s advice, steered well clear. Invaluable to me and my business I simply wouldn’t use another solicitor.”

Ashley Cameron, SAKS Hair Salon

“Recommended to Jane through our accountants back in 2006, we engaged Jane to work on formalizing our contracts and franchise agreements with our many sub contractors. Always professional, on time and flawless in her execution, we appreciate Jane’s friendly, non jargon approach and are very happy to recommend her services.”

Susan Drummond, Next Best Clothing Ltd

“A virtual graphic design and marketing agency, we were aware that our business model was unique at the time in the UK and needed a very experienced commercial lawyer to build the legal framework for our big idea. Starting from a blank sheet of paper, Jane thought round all the issues, guided our thinking, prompted some soul searching and checked our naïve enthusiasm… Displaying great patience in the face of two confused creatives, Jane is great to know, great to work with and great to have on your side.”

Jacky Fitt & Ned Hoste, Big Ideas Collective Ltd

“With three busy but legally unsavvy directors to sit down, make concentrate and produce decisions, Jane had her work cut out; nevertheless, in setting up the legal framework for our business Jane was fantastic. She gave us plenty of personal attention, time, expertise and patience; never working to her agenda but wanting to ensure we explored different options and constructed the business we envisaged for ourselves and our clients. An incredibly clear and effective communicator, Jane is complete proof that excellence is definitely not the preserve of the big law firms and her wealth of complimentary legal associates and resources is second to none.”

Caroline Snell, Director, Claro Research Ltd

“If you’re looking for a highly professional, calm and measured approach to commercial law you can’t beat Jane. Hugely experienced and well connected, who Jane doesn’t know probably isn’t worth knowing, she’s great company and a great lawyer.”

Helen Straw, The Personnel Partnership

“We began working with Jane during the sale of one of our companies after a recommendation from a professional associate and think she’s absolutely wonderful. No one gets anything past Jane, I should know, I’ve sat admiringly (and with great relief) as Jane took on a phalanx of seven other expert professionals across the table and dealt with their demands one by one in her direct, knowledgeable and implacable style. You really feel that Jane is there for you, not to see due process or simply get the deal done, but on your side and covering all the angles. Jane’s service is second to none and I look forward to working with her on many more occasions.”

Nick Harper, E Harper (York) Ltd, Environmental Services

“A firm of Chartered Quantity Surveyors exclusively working on large scale international projects largely in the Middle East, we were introduced to Jane through a professional colleague when our business was relatively small. Jane worked with us to amalgamate and incorporate our UK and international businesses, forming a single company that has grown considerably over the last three years. Throughout the complex legal process and our rapid business development, Jane has been without doubt a great asset. With us each step of the way, we’ve benefited from Jane’s small operation - you don’t deal with subordinates you deal with the boss and she’s highly knowledgeable, hands on, thorough and responsive. Even though we’ve grown dramatically we will not be moving to a larger legal firm, we have all the expertise we need in Jane.”

Tim Siddons, Baker Wilkins & Smith

“Introduced to Jane through a colleague at Science City York, Jane assisted our company with its transfer from limited by guarantee to limited by shares and our subsequent purchase of a Bristol based company. We really appreciate Jane’s thorough, direct, yet highly approachable style. We’ve found her fixed fees highly cost effective and Jane always makes sure we have what we need, when we need it. In fact, if we require any legal advice we check in with Jane first, secure in the knowledge that she will recommend a trusted, like-minded professional to sort us out.”

Chris Marshman, York EMC Services (2007) Ltd

“Easily falling into conversation with Jane at a business network event, at first I was unaware of her legal expertise but, subsequently, have had plenty of opportunity to appreciate her thorough approach, experience and fixed fees. Initially assisting me with partnership and shareholder agreements, Jane’s work on my behalf successfully underwent the ultimate test of rigorous court proceedings and her advice, tenacity and professionalism were invaluable. I can heartily recommend Jane’s services - she’s good company and a great lawyer.”

Reuben Barrett, MD Coalters Estate Agents

“I met Jane at a network event. Sometimes you feel a little battered by sound bites at these dos, but Jane’s honest, personal and clearly knowledgeable approach was great. Working with a national charity at the time, Jane helped me to refine my service agreement and is now my first port of call for legal advice. Jane takes time to ensure you understand the issues in hand, they’re then dealt with promptly and her fixed fee means no qualms about how many times I need to call her - fantastic!”

Tom Wycks, TW Digital Media

“Jane came highly recommended to us some years ago. She helped to legally structure the business and works with us on an ad-hoc basis as contractual needs arise. Friendly and straightforward, with a distinct lack of ‘legalese’, we really appreciate Jane’s personal service and great experience.”

Matthew Clements, ap16

“Recommended to me through a colleague, I have worked with Jane across a range of company legal issues, including shareholder agreements. A fellow professional, I have total confidence in her knowledge and know-how, and an appreciation of the superb way she translates complex matters into plain, straightforward language - an all too rare, yet great gift.”

Michael Harrison, Harrison IP

“Further to purchasing our business premises, Jane was recommended to us by Harland & Co some years ago when we required start up legal assistance and have enjoyed ongoing support ever since. Friendly, thorough, good value and local, we’re delighted with all the work Jane has undertaken on our behalf and would happily recommend her to any small business in need of a knowledgeable and safe pair of hands.”

Jim Martin, Byland Engineering, York

“When selling a Yorkshire based recruitment business Jane worked with my husband and I throughout the sales process, from exchanging heads of terms, through to the completion of the deal. With larger firms you buy their experience but it’s often delivered by a junior solicitor, with Jane you get the boss with all her depth of experience and knowledge delivered personally. Jane is flexible, determined, amazingly organised and tenacious, driving the deal forward when the buyers seemed to think it expedient to draw it out. In short, Jane did a great job!”

Maggie Gibson

“Jane is a consummate professional, calmly taking control of fast emerging issues, responding quickly and instilling trust. Make no mistake, the team may be small but Jane’s a ‘big hitter’, and I greatly appreciate the very useful and respectful relationship we have forged. I don’t lose sleep, I talk to Jane.”

Bill Harper, Director Lido Leisure Parks Ltd

Corporate Property Disputes Personal