A new way of thinking

Same principles, Same service, Greater depth and Increased services.

LCF Law and Sachedinas Solicitors became one on 1 September 2020. 

Led by Jane Sachedina established the corporate and commercial law firm Sachedinas Solicitors 16 years ago. The two firms have merged and Jane Sachedina will continue to support her clients as a consultant with LCF Law.

LCF Law will provide clients of Sachedinas Solicitors with the same level of personal service with which you enjoyed with Jane.

LCF will work on fixed and capped fees in a similar manner to how Jane has worked with you in the past.

As a full service legal practice, LCF Law’s offering to clients of Sachedinas’ Solicitors is very flexible.

Simon Stell, managing partner at LCF Law, says “Sachedina Solicitors has a great reputation for providing a high quality service with the strong principle of focusing on the client’s actual needs , which made it an ideal fit for LCF Law.

“This merger will benefit Jane’s clients, because as well as still having her expertise, they will be able to access a much broader range of legal services spanning the corporate and personal spheres.”


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